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Marilyn G. Reid


Welcome to our website! No matter why you have landed on the Head of School Message, please take away the following information before moving on to another tab:

If you are interested in having your child attend our School, please schedule a tour with our Director of Admissions, Tom Rimer. 

If you are unfamiliar with our School, read on: We are an Approved Special Education day school, grades 6 through 12, for both privately and publicly funded students with learning challenges that have not previously been identified correctly and/or adequately addressed.  Our students have average to above average cognitive ability and do not present systemic behavioral issues.  Our maximum enrollment is 62 which suits the profile of our students’ need for a low sensory impacted environment.  Our primary non-academic instructional offering is the utilization of Social Thinking with all of our staff trained in this social pragmatics program.  Our academic and extra-curricular program offers as wide an array of choices as any large and thriving school can offer.

This coming school year 2020, we are celebrating the School’s 50th Anniversary and have planned a number of activities for our students, their families, and the many friends of the School.  Plans for this event started almost 10 years ago and have culminated in a new Jeffrey F. Jones Building, housing our Marion L. Earley Tutorial Center, and a new dining area that captures the beauty of our physical surroundings.  Also, a completely renovated theater area has been transformed into a fully functional stage, with state-of-the-art lighting, sound and seating.  Also, starting this fall, we have initiated an interdisciplinary STEM program utilizing the many talents of our teachers.  If you are already a part of the School’s community and want to know more about how we are celebrating this important event, please call or email me.

Lastly, our very talented teachers, staff, and the Board of Trustees are what makes this School a unique place for learning, making friends, and building the self-confidence necessary for our students to meet their future challenges. Every day, and in every way, everyone who is a part of this School works to fulfill the Mission Statement’s goal  to help students “…appreciate their personal learning styles and develop the skills and habits that enable them to succeed as lifelong learners and responsible members of their communities.”

A personal note: What brings me to School every day? Witnessing the inspiration of the teachers, seeing students with joy and excitement to learn, and assuring parents and families along the way.  We all feel privileged to be a part of this dynamic and forward-thinking School.

I look forward to meeting new families and continuing to know and work with all of our existing families.

Best regards,


Marilyn G. Reid

Head of School

August, 2019