• Academic Support: Our Tutorial & Study Skills Program

    Academic support is an integral component of the program, designed to ensure skill mastery, self-confidence and an understanding of the uniqueness of personal learning style.  Organization and self-advocacy are major goals. Tutorials are flexibly grouped to target the changing needs of students on a continuous basis. Changes are made after thoughtful consideration of academic, social and emotional factors.  Teachers work with students throughout the year in small group tutorials to address the following areas:

    Language Arts: Students may receive support with reading and writing skills.  Individualized curriculum is developed to integrate books and reading materials that are of interest to the student and course materials that support each student’s academic program.  Specific strategies are incorporated into specially designed instruction.

    Mathematics:  Math tutorials are designed to reinforce basic skills and daily instruction in class. This approach is especially beneficial to students with math anxiety. 

    Study Skills:  Development of effective study habits and research strategies are also goals of this tutorial.  Students learn ways to improve listening, time management, note-taking and organizational skills. Assistance in specific curriculum areas is the method for generalizing skill acquisition. Comprehension, vocabulary development and test taking strategies are also included into these classes.  

    Our teachers skillfully blend classroom goals with academic support services.  At Willow Hill, we believe that awareness of learning differences and interests is the first step in nurturing a student’s potential and breaking the cycle of frustration associated with school and learning.  Willow Hill’s academic support program provides a comfortable setting that enables teachers to nurture and challenge.