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  • What They're Saying


    • Willow Hill provided our daughter with the 3 things we wanted most for her: independence, confidence, and friendships... Priceless!"   ~Parent


    • "From the first visit down a winding country lane onto a gorgeous campus, on a sparkling day, past a large mailbox into an admissions office graced with listening, understanding ears, I gained hope in the discovery of a special community; this was confirmed when children waved from their classrooms. Since then, there have been touching, extraordinary, and permanent changes-- abundantly evident, yet difficult to describe- and I am grateful to everyone here."   ~Parent


    • "Willow Hill School is a place of academic and social success. I feel included in the things I CAN do, and I am able to express my talent."   ~Student


    • "Willow Hill has honestly changed our lives. Willow Hill is a school where kids with different learning styles can be accepted for who they are and no longer wake up each morning dreading to go to school. Due to the safe embrace the teachers and staff provide, each student is given a chance to flourish academically, physically, and emotionally."   ~Parent


    • "Willow Hill School is where students come together to figure out which ways they learn best. At WHS, everybody knows your name."   ~Student


    • "Willow Hill means independence for me and being in an environment that does not make me want to hide. Willow Hill is where I belong, where I feel like I fit in. I can act like the real me without being judged."   ~Student


    • "I feel comfortable here. My teachers motivate me to be the best that I can be."   ~Student 


    • "Willow Hill feels a bit like a second home. "  ~Student