•  Admissions Process

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 
    Q: What types of students are accepted at Willow Hill School?


    A: Willow Hill School serves a diverse population of students with Average to Above Average intellectual capabilities, who may present with one or more of the following characteristics:

    • Diagnosis of Language-based Learning Disability
    • Diagnosis of Non Verbal Learning Disability
    • Diagnosis of ADD/ADHD
    • Diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome/ASD


    Q: What grades does Willow Hill School serve?


    A: Willow Hill School provides a co-educational program for students grades 6-12.


    Q: Does Willow Hill School accept students with primary emotional difficulties and behavior problems?


    A: No. Willow Hill School is not designed to treat students with a primary diagnosis of emotional difficulties, mental health problems, or behavior disorders.


    Q: What is required to complete an application?


    A: The following is required to complete an application:

    • Application for Admission

    • Diagnostic Evaluation Reports such as a neuropsychological, educational, and/or psychological evaluation administered within the past two years

    • Speech/language Evaluation, if applicable

    • School records including report card for the current year for middle school students, transcript for high school students

    • Current IEP and Progress Reports for current year, if applicable

    • Treatment summary from psychologist, counselor or therapist, if applicable

    • Two Recommendations

    • Signed Release of Information Forms

    • Statewide Testing Scores (MCAS, PAARC, etc.), if applicable


    Q: What happens after the application and materials are submitted?


    A: The Admissions Committee will review and process a completed application within two (2) weeks of receipt. The Admissions Committee seeks to ensure the appropriate match between the prospective student and the mission of the school. Candidates who are considered a potential fit for our program will be invited to visit the campus and meet with the Admissions Director and selected members of the staff.


    Q: Is the Admissions Process confidential?


    A: Yes. The Admissions Committee is sensitive to the importance of treating information in a confidential manner. The application is not discussed with any party without signed releases from the parent/guardian.


    Q: What can my child expect if he/she is invited for an interview and visit?


    A: First, students will be taken on a tour of the campus. Following the tour, the student with his/her parents(s) meets with the Admission Committee. The Admissions Committee interviews each student. It is common practice to have the student respond to questions about their interests and expectations for school.

    This part of the visit usually takes about one half hour. A student will have an opportunity to meet the Head of School, Director of Education, Director of Student Services,  and/or the Director of Instructional Services.


    Q: Will my child be tested during this process?


    A: No. There is no formal testing during the interview and visit.


    Q: What can we expect after the interview and visit?


    A: You will receive notification from the Admissions Office as to the committee's decision.

    Q: Does Willow Hill School accept private funding?


    A: Yes. Willow Hill School does accept private funding. Should you choose to place your child through private funding, a Letter of Agreement and explanation of payment requirements will be sent.


    Q: If the placement is funded through the public school district, what are the next steps?


    A: Written notification is sent to Willow Hill school from your district Special Education Office.


    Q: If my child is accepted, but public funding is not assured, will a space be held for my child?


    A: No. Unfortunately, in order to hold a space, you will have to enroll and pay as a private student. Should you succeed in securing funding for the placement, any tuition paid will be refunded depending on your agreement with the school district. 


    Q: What happens to the application and reports if my child is not accepted?


    A: If you choose, all reports will be returned to you.