• Our Academic Program
    At Willow Hill, we recognize that each student has their own unique needs, abilities, goals and learning style.  We believe that our students are capable individuals who can become successful learners. Willow Hill offers comprehensive middle and high school curricula aligned to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. The instructional approach is multisensory and designed to address the learning style of each student.  Attention to organizational strategies, time management, study skills, self-advocacy and social pragmatics are integrated into the curriculum and instruction. To graduate, a student must successfully complete a course of study earning 100 credits. Publicly funded students are required to take the Massachusetts statewide assessment tests.
             Course Offerings: 
    • English Composition
    • Literature
    • Mathematics
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Technology
    • Physical Education
    • Theatre & Music
    • Visual Arts
    • Elective Classes
    • Project FEAT
    • Study Skills/Tutorial
    • Research/Advanced Research
    • Social Skills/Transitional Planning
    • Woodworking