• Professional Development



    The Willow Hill School is committed to providing students with specifically designed instruction to promote educational and social growth.  We are pleased to highlight our professional relationships with:  

    • Dr. Scott McCleod ~ Massachusetts General Hospital/Aspire, Inc. (MGH/Aspire)
    • Nancy Clements ~ Social Thinking, Boston
    • Dr. Rhonda Taft-Farrell ~ Educational Consultant
    • Dr. Robyn Glover ~ Clinical Child Psychologist
    • Dr. Joseph Moldover ~ Developmental Neuropsychologist

    MGH/Aspire is renowned for their work promoting social thinking and social skills in the education of students with Asperger’s Syndrome and related challenges.  The Executive Director, Dr. Scott McLeod provides our School with consultation throughout the school year.   Nancy Clements, Founder of Social Thinking, Boston consults with our staff several times throughout the school year, providing current social learning strategies from Michelle Garcia Winner and Social Thinking, Inc.  Dr. Rhonda Taft-Farrell, a former Head of School, provides insightful observations of our students and administrative guidance concerning educational regulations, licensing, and accreditation standards. Dr. Robyn Glover and Dr. Joseph Moldover are private practioners and educational consultants to the School.