Willow Hill School

    Cell Phone Policy


    Willow Hill School’s policy on the use of personal electronic devices is focused around the concept of putting aside any electronic device, namely cell phones, that are a distraction from academic learning and social interactions.  All cell phones brought to school by students cannot be in their possession during school hours, including after-school activities.  Upon entering the School for the day, the student will have a secured place, labelled with their name, where they can store their phone.  At the conclusion of their school day, students may retrieve their phones from the secured location.  In the event that a student needs to contact their parents during the school day, the student will be given permission to call from the school phones in the two front Mason offices--Director of Education and the School Nurse.  If you, the parent, needs to contact your child during school hours, please call the main number (978-443-2581) and we will relay the message to your child. We are aware of the fact that students could use other devices in a similar manner to a cell phone in order to text or access social media, thus bypassing this new policy.  This will not be allowed.  For a student who is given permission to listen to music while doing classwork, there are other alternatives such as mp3 players and streaming music with a laptop, ipad, etc.  Our goal is to reduce the mis-use of devices, allowing the school day to be more pleasant and productive for students, and to encourage in-person conversations instead of electronic interactions. Your support of this policy is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping your child be a responsible cell phone user.